“3 Profitable Marketing Levers for College & Retirement”

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This unique Marketing System was specifically designed to help Advisors, CPAs, & Planners leverage your time, and attract & retain new clients.

This System – a Blueprint for Your Success – will exponentially increase profits and strengthen new relationships as you assist parents and grandparents in balancing the high cost of college with retirement and other long-term goals.

Gain a competitive edge today by offering the ONLY interactive SCORM-LMS College e-Learning System that helps parents avoid costly college mistakes… while maximizing your bottom line.

“ Real profits are only made when you learn how to leverage your resources.”

Alice Whinnery – CEO

We’ll personalize your live Webinar to address your specific goals. Here’s what most Advisors and CPAs are interested in learning:

✅ Why Advisors are using the power of SCORM-LMS Technology to leverage their time.

✅ Why it’s essential to offer a ‘College’ solution to existing clients.

✅ How to capitalize on current college trends to increase M&A value.

✅ Why this proven system not only attracts new clients but helps you keep them.

✅ How Advisors are leveraging through employers to increase their bottom line.

✅ What you need to know – and do – before the ‘Great Wealth Transfer' happens.

✅ How to become parents & grandparents’ ‘greatest ally’ against misleading information.

✅ Why you don’t have to become a College Planner to close more business.

✅ Special Bonus Benefits only offered during our National Launch.

✅ And more...

More than 1 million employees and clients utilized our ‘broad based’ educational solutions prior to creating a unique educational System that connects college-bound families to Advisors who can help them balance the high cost of college with retirement and other long-term goals.

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